Beels Consulting was founded by Björn Larsson in 2010. Björn has worked with startup companies since the 1990s and has been head of business development within organisational development, CEO of Create Business Incubator, co-founder and CEO of Zoomability AB, co-founder of Westras, Västerås Startup Community, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Västerås Tech Invest. Since 2018 Björn has developed Investment Readiness Process with the aim of helping founders to be better prepared for a more equal dialogue with investors.


2018– creator of Investment Readiness Process by Beels: www.investmentreadinessprocess.com
2018– co-founder & Chair, Västerås Tech Invest AB: www.vasterastechinvest.se
20182020 Board member, NEBU AB: www.nebu.se
2016– co-founder & Board member, Westras 2017 Ek Förening
2011-2016, co-founder & CEO, Zoomability AB: www.zoomability.com
2013, Certified Board member: ”Rätt fokus i styrelsearbetet (SME)”, Styrelseakademin
2010– Founder, Beels Consulting AB
2008-2011 CEO, Create Business Incubator Mälardalen AB: www.create.se
2005-2008, Business Development Manager, Lernia Consulting AB
1999-2005, E-learning missionary in Meta Able, Learnways, Skolboken.se and Open Training

Practical and wide-ranging experience of startups and funding

In conjunction with the financing and development of Zoomability, Björn Larsson was a driving force in the process of working early with customer funding via early adopters, who also became an ambassador group that marketed the product. Throughout the entire commercialisation process, Björn also used the financial support available via public sources, including support from the Research and Development Council of Västmanland, the County Administrative Board (now Region Västmanland), ALMI Företagspartner, Innovationsbron (now ALMI Invest), the Swedish Export Credit Agency and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. Via its bank, Zoomability worked with an overdraft facility, loans and a customer funding solution.

Under Björn’s management, the company also performed five investment rounds with local angel investors and seed funds, and at later stages with larger angel investors and Almi Invest. In 2016, Zoomability received an acquisition bid with exclusivity from a global company. The negotiations ended with Zoomability not being acquired. When Björn left the company at his own request on the last day of December in 2016, the Board of Zoomability had decided to proceed with an IPO. Zoomability AB is now on the Spotlight Stockmarket: [ZOOM]

The Investment Readiness Process, a proprietary process developed on a theoretical and practical basis

Since 2016, Björn has interviewed many investors and angel investor networks, studied literature relating to startup and scaleup investments, and attended investor training courses at Connect Sverige and STOAF. Björn managed the Investerarskolan project on assignment of Create and Almi Företagspartner and was a co-founder of Västerås Tech Invest AB in 2018. Västerås Tech Invest AB has invested in eight startups amongst them; Ljusgårda, IP Screener and Flow Ocean.

“Investment Readiness Process” is a copyright-protected method that has been developed by Beels Consulting AB based on theories and practice in combination with systematised and in-depth reflection regarding funding processes and exit negotiations for a number of startups. The aim is to provide knowledge and methodology to founders intending to finance their company’s development through share issues to external investors.


“Through our work with – Investment Readiness Process – we were well prepared for meeting the investors. We spoke their language, which enabled us to quickly match the right investors with OneRepay’s investment needs in the long term.”

Henric Rudin, CEO & Heléne Haglund, CMO, OneRepay Sweden AB

“IRP has given us the opportunity to take stock and reflect on how we actually want to build our company. It is well worth the hours it took to complete!”

Niklas Ericson & Joel Glemne, Skira AB

“IRP gave us the idea of performing reverse due diligence – we examined our investors, with very successful results.”

“Gimic has completed IRP, and the process gave us a large amount of knowledge about how investors think and the information and documentation we need.”

Marcus Nilsson, CEO, Gimic AB

“We dared to impose more ambitious demands when we performed our new share issue.”

“In the current investment round for our company, the issue of valuation has been raised a number of times. Having completed an IRP, and with the support of the documentation it produced, it is much easier to explain, in a credible manner, how we have arrived at our valuation.”

Jacob Kihlbaum, Binary Brains AB