Investment Readiness Process for Investors ensures that investors have knowledge about important considerations pertaining to investment in early growth companies, and that they have designed their own investment strategy BEFORE they meet with companies that are looking to acquire capital.



IRP for Investors provides participants with an opportunity to create new relationships and enhances the angel investor’s competence within:

Prior knowledge requirements:
It is advantageous if the participant has experience of running an owner-managed company and/or has previously invested in companies.


IRP for Investors made me reflect over the sort of investor I am and want to be, which in turn gave me greater clarity regarding the type of company I want to and should invest in. The course also provided me with more in-depth theoretical knowledge regarding agreements and contracts and the meaning and importance of various types of formulations in shareholder agreements. The course contained a mix of theory and homework in the form of group work based on a real case. This enabled us to have relevant discussions about realistic issues in the group. I highly recommend this course to all self-taught investors (like myself) who are involved with investments in addition to our normal business activities. The time spent on this course is a wise investment in terms of avoiding costly and unnecessary mistakes.

Anna Rönnblom, Uvolve AB

Beels and Björn Larsson have the ability to create understanding in a simple and pedagogical manner,

while also presenting smart and easy-to-use tools.

I highly recommend this course – it will quickly pay for itself many times over!

Greger Johansson, Entrepreneur & investor

An interesting and rewarding course, with focus on how to value a recently started company that has developed its idea into a business plan and a service or product. The course also provides valuable insight into the importance of understanding and valuing the entrepreneur or entrepreneurs behind a startup company. With long-standing experience as a businessman and entrepreneur, this is about obtaining additional keys to understanding expressions and structures regarding how to approach and consider investments in companies at these early stages of development.

Björn’s wide-ranging knowledge and pedagogical approach makes the course extremely rewarding, regardless of your existing level of knowledge and experience.

For me personally, the most important aspect of the course was that I gained a clear understanding of the fundamental aspects of investing in companies at an early stage of their development. The course also helped me to gain a clearer insight into who I am as an investor and the strategy I should be adopting.

I highly recommend Investment Readiness Process for Investors!