Project Description



IRP Instructor Course and Certification in Investment Readiness Process

The IRP Instructor Course can be carried out in three different ways:

  • 6 two-hour online meetings, with around a week in between each online meeting.
  • 5 three-hour meetings, with a week in between each meeting.
  • 2 days lunch-to-lunch with overnight stay + 2 days lunch-to-lunch with overnight stay, with two weeks in between the meetings.

Participants should be prepared to allocate a total of around 30 hours to the meetings and associated tasks (“homework”).


In order to be able to perform IRP assignments, it is necessary to be a Certified IRP Instructor.

The certification process takes place in conjunction with the IRP Instructor Course and is an individual quality assurance process whereby the instructor performs an actual IRP assignment under the supervision of an IRP Master Instructor.

Prior knowledge requirements

 It is advantageous if the person taking the IRP Instructor Course has prior experience of running a company, either on their own or together with others. Experience of acquiring external risk capital is also advantageous. Naturally, if the participant is a qualified coach and/or has experience of investing in ”high risk/high potential” objects, it will be easier to apply Investment Readiness Process in reality.


IRP Instructor Course: € 2,400 (ex VAT) per person 

IRP Certification: € 950 (ex VAT) per person