When a startup or scaleup has completed Investment Readiness Process, they are well prepared to present their investment offer to the right type of investor. In the process, the company becomes IRP Certified. This gives them the right to publish an IRP logo in their digital channels. It always makes us feel extremely proud and gratified to read the fantastic references we have received!

Through IRP, the members of our founder team have achieved a shared and measurable vision and plan for the company, which has created a new style of managing the company that will lead to the achievement of values we know to be relevant from an investor’s perspective. 

Niclas Söör, CEO/Founder of DoSpace AB

In the current investment round for our company, the issue of valuation has been raised a number of times. Having completed this process, and with the support of the documentation it produced, it is now much easier to explain, in a credible manner, how we have arrived at our valuation.

Jacob Kihlbaum, CEO/Founder of BinaryBrains AB

Binary Brains

Through our work with – Investment Readiness Process – we were well prepared for meeting the investors. We spoke their language, which enabled us to quickly match the right investors with OneRepay’s investment needs in the long term.

Henric Rudin and Heléne Haglund, Founders of OneRepay Sweden AB

Although we are well experienced business and tech executives, we chose to do an Investment Readiness Process in order to align our expectations and personal goals before meeting with potential investors. Flow Factory closed a successful seed round and we are now growing with small customers as well as big ones like Siemens. 

Frida Höök, Fredrik Lindqvist and Stellan Andersson, Founders of FlowFactory AB

The knowledge in IRP gave us a sense of security, we dared to impose more ambitious demands when we performed our new share issue, and the process gave us the idea of performing reverse due diligence – we examined our investors, with very successful results.

Maria Bauer and Axel Fors, Founders of Framvik Produktion AB

IRP has given us the opportunity to take stock and reflect on how we actually want to build our company.

It is well worth the hours it took to complete!

Felicia Bindekrans, co-owner and Niklas Ericson and Joel Glemne, Founders of Skira AB.


Beels has developed Investment Readiness Process, IRP, because we think that founders of companies should be focused on their idea and their customer. Acquiring risk capital from investors requires a lot of attention from founders and takes a lot of time and energy. We believe that founders can make the capital acquisition process more efficient and effective by creating a unique and clear investment offer. By attracting the right investors for their company, founders reduce the risk of conflicting expectations in the future and gain a greater understanding of why certain investors choose not to invest.